Can You Count The Black Dots                     Are The Lines Straight Or Bendy? 


Is The Cube On The Inside Or Taken Out From The Outside?  Man With Sax Or A Womans Face


Couple Kissing In Garden Or An Old Mans FaceWhich Middle Circle Is Bigger, Left Or Right.


Look At The For A Minute Then Look Away, What Do You See.    Move Your Head Backwards And Forwards.


         What Sigmund Freud Sees Apparantly.                  This Triangle's Impossible.


      Can You See The Moving Squigglly Lines.    The Purple Lines May Seem Bent When They're Not


  How Can This Archway Be Possible.   Which Soilder Is Taller, Anwser They're All The Same


              Rabbit Or A Duck         Try Saying The Colour Of The Words Not The Words Itself.