Look At Image For One Minute, Then Look Away!   Is It A Vase Or Two Faces Looking At Each Other?


      Its A Face Made From The Word LIAR, Hmm.   Look At The Image Then Look Away, You Will See Jesus.


    Can You Identify The 3 Faces In This Picture.    A Very Impossible Cube, Can You Work It Out.


      Do You Identify The Shapes That Arn't There.     Do You See Lines Or The Letter E?


       A Rabbit Or A Duck You Decide.         A Word That Is The Same Even Upside Down.  


   Say This, Bet You Missed The "The" Word Once.  Say The Colour Of The Words, Not As Easy As It Seems


Look At Long Enough And You'll Start To See Shadows Of The Dots      A Squiral Or A Swan, You Decide.


   Count The Whites Dots That Arn't Really There.  Try Counting The F's, Can You Find All 6?