Stare At The Illusion For A Minute And You'll See Budha.   A Princess One Moment An A Old Man The Next. 


    Can You See The Word Through The Shapes?  Same About The Last Illusion But Different Word.


   Houses Close By But Fans Of People Far Away.  A Waterfall Of Nuns, No Metaphor There. Ha


       A Impossible Circle, Can You Work It Out?      Arcs Of Ships Or Mabey Both.


       Where 3D Meet 2D In This Great Puzzle Image.The Diagonal Lines Are Actually Paralell To Each Other.


  The Red Lines Are Actually Straight, Not Bendy.                           How Is This Possible You Ask.


         An Impossible Triangle If Seen In 3D.      This Man Isn't Going Nowhere Anytime Soon.


Which Line Is Longer, Trick, They Are Both The Same.      Read This, You'll Find It Quite Easy Really.