A Window Seen From The Left Or From The Right?    Count The People After They Switch. And Once More.


You May See A Triangle, But Really There Isn't One.    Read These Words. They Should Move As Describe. 


  Move You Head Backwards And Forwards.   Can You See The Not Moving Wiggly Lines. 


      A Bird With A Fish In His Beak.          A Cat Catching A Fish In The Upside Down Image.


Look At The Image Long Enough, You'll just See The Green Dot.      The Tables Have The Same Area.


   You'll See The Moving Cylinders In This Image.   Can You See The Moving Nuts. 


      The Watermelons Seem To Move On Their Own.     Can You See This Image As 3D.


Stare At The Black Dot And The Surrounding Shade Disappears.      A Skull Or Two Lovers.