The story follows the main character Ichigo Kurosaki who’d had the ability to see ghosts get tangled up in a life changing situation. One day in his bedroom he meets a soul reaper called Rukia Kuchiki a member of the mysterious Soul Society. Rukia is amazed of his ability to see her and they start talking. The conversation is interrupted when a hollow, (an evil spirit that preys on the souls of the living and sometimes the dead and people with psychic powers), appears and attacks Ichigo. Rukia then tries to protect Ichigo but gets seriously wounded so shes transfers her powers to him in a hope he can save himself and his family. He accidentally absorbs all of her powers and becomes a soul reaper himself and defeats the hollow with ease. Rukia is now stranded in the human world as a result so she decides to help Ichigo do her job for her until she gets her abilities back in due time. Ichigo takes over her job as a Soul Reaper, battling hollows and guiding lost souls to Soul Society. In the story Ichigo has many friends that help him with his new role along the way. There are many types of souls in the manga that are needed to be transported to Soul Society, (heaven), and many evil villains such as clans that want to destroy hollows and hollows that want to destroy human souls even though both evil destroying a soul upsets the balance between the afterlife and the living. This is because when someone dies in the living world they are transported by soul reapers to the soul society where life up there is longer and when a soul dies in soul society it is transported back to earth as a new born. Taking a soul out only upsets the naturally balance of life and death between two worlds and is the soul reapers responsibility to deal with it. The soul reapers get rid of the hollows by sending it to hell is a place called Hueco Mundo a desert wasteland. Even though it may seem complicated at first bleach is one of japans finest mangas. Ichigo manages to delve deeper into the world of the gods of death as the story unfolds which makes it worth buying this manga to read.


Bo-bobo Bobobo-bo



In the year 300X AD, the earth was ruled by the evil Margarita (Maruhage) Empire ruled by Tsuru Tsururiina 4 bent on making everyone bald by sending out an army of hair hunters. Hair Hunter Block G lead by Pikari was using his hair jutsu and cutting off people’s hair when beauty watch on in horror. Then Pikari came to her she nearly had her hair cut off when a mysterious whip like nose hair thing came out of nowhere and took Pikari down. Beaught managed to escape and we realize the whip came from the nose of the main heroes called Bo-bobo Bobobo-bo. He has been traveling around the world destroying the Hair Hunters. Upon arriving at the Block G headquarters, Bo~bobo suddenly enters a battle against Captain Haagen. Bo~bobo uses his special nose hair attacks but Haagen does not hesitate in countering Bo~bobo is faced with a tough situation. The story follows Box7 using his fist f the nose hair to confuse and eliminate his foes in bizarre and occasionally offences ways. He is team up with many characters along the way that include, Beauty, Gasser, Don Patch, Softon, general jelly jiggler, etc. The show's comedy is driven by its insanity and bizarre nature. Although fighting a rebellion against evil forces, none of the heroic characters take their job too seriously (nor do they seem to care for each-other), drawing their power from their spontenaity with a special "Hajike" (dub: Wiggin) style to create attacks that either parody what they are up against or have nothing to do with anything going on. Most of these gags are commented on by the more serious characters (particularly Beauty). The villains of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo are a varied group of evil ranging from the serious to some being as crazy or insane as Bo-bobo's group. The initial threat comes from the force of the Maruhage Empire under Tsuru Tsurulina IV, going from minor Hair Hunters and their block leaders to the most powerful warriors who work for their own desires as well as the emperor's. As Bo-bobo and his rebels take apart the Maruhage forces, new threats start to emerge more powerful than the original enemies, including Hair Hunters from one-hundred years ago and an underground empire lead by former topside warriors. Eventually, the threat turns towards Bo-bobo's home of the Hair Kingdom, where he must settle an old score and free it from a familiar threat. The manga also mangas to mock and spoof varies other mangas and animation such as dragonball z, yugioh, Naruto, Pokemon, Gundam, Air Gear, Serial Experiments Lain, Inuyasha, Wolf's Rain, Doraemon, sailor moon, etc. Bo-Bobo is on an exciting, gag-filled quest to deliver his own hairy brand of justice to evildoers everywhere.





The Story of the manga is set twelve years before the events of the series. There was a evil nine-tailed demon fox that one day attacked the village of konohagakure. The demon was so powerful that a single swing of one of its nine tails could create tsunamis and flatten mountains with ease. It managed to slaughter many people and caused many catrophes until one day the leader of the leaf village, (the fourth hokage) defeated it by sacrificing his own life and sealing the demon inside a newly-born child. The child’s name was Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto was a loud, eccentric, hyper and an unpredictable adolescent ninja that aspires to one day fulfil his dream of becoming the fouth Hokage. Naruto also had a very alienated childhood since the villages of Konohagahure shunned him because he carried the demon fox within him. He was treated as an outcast and grew u as an ophan without friends or family, he sought attention through pranks and mischiefs as a result of abuse. After he graduated from the ninja academy he made two friends in sasuke and sakura and work as a trio from then on. Naruto becomes apart of team 7 a ninja affiliated of his home village. There are many villains in the story and the characters develop in their own way and seek their own personal path.


Vampire Knight



The main character in this story is called yuuki. Yuuki earliest memory was a snowy night in winter when a vampire tried to attack her but was saved by another called kaname kuran. Ten years past in an instant a Yuuki Cross becomes the adopted daughter of the headmaster at cross academy. She also becomes a guardian with her childhood friend Zero Kiryu at this academy because it is no ordinary school for that matter. Her job is to protect the Day class students (humans) from the Night class student’s (vampires) fangs and to protect the true identity of the Night class students from being discovered by the Day class students. Her friend zero has alterative motives to kill all vampires after he’d been born into a vampire hunter family and that vampires had destroyed everything he’d hold deer in his life which is his family. Through a cruel twist of fate, Zero becomes a vampire himself, having been bitten by a pure blood vampire four years before. After a while the story tells of Kaname, Yuuki's savior, who leads the group of Night class, with the help of Takuma Ichijo. It is revealed that Yuuki is the true daughter of the Kuran family, a family of pure blood vampires. She and Kaname were raised as siblings who are actually engaged to each other. Kaname awakened Yuuki's 'vampire' side which was locked away by Yuuki's deceased mother, who wanted Yuuki to have a better future by being a human.

The vampires in Vampire Knight have the characteristics of a separate species, which contrasts with most vampire stories which portray vampires as transformed humans. In Vampire Knight, vampires can have children among themselves and with humans, and they age, albeit at a much slower rate than humans. Vampires are nocturnal and they dislike sunlight, but exposure to it does not harm them. They are likewise immune to most of the traditional vampire weaknesses such as crosses, garlic, and holy water. They can also regenerate quickly and easily when wounded, therefore, making them very hard to kill unless a weapon made especially for vampire hunting is used. This weapon is a gun called Bloody Rose. In episode 6, an example of a bullet that contains anti-vampire magic can also be used to kill a vampire.

Vampires organize their society based on the purity of their blood. Level A is the Purebloods - a very small but very powerful minority. Only a bite from a Pureblood can change a human into a vampire. Pureblood siblings sometimes marry each other to keep the bloodline pure, which is not a rare practice. Level B refers to Noble vampires with advanced powers. Ordinary vampires make up Level C, by far the largest group. Level D is comprised of vampires who were once human; they are a small group, as turning humans into vampires is forbidden and only a handful of Level A vampires would dare to. The final designation, Level E, is separated from the others because it is reserved for former human vampires who have become violently insane. Falling to Level E is considered the inevitable fate of all former human vampires, who can never completely accept their vampiric instincts and their need for blood. Level D or E vampires are left in the care of Level B vampires and purebloods, so they can keep them in check.

Vampires have warred with human vampire hunters for centuries, though the existence of vampires, and the war itself, is kept secret from most humans.


One Piece


 One Piece is set in a pirate world that is full of danger and betrayal. Seeking to become the greatest pirate in the world, Monkey D. Luffy empowered by the legendary “Gomu Gomu” fruit that allows him to stretch like a rubber band sets out towards the grand line to find one piece, the greatest treasure in the world. One piece was buried by a notorious pirate by the name of Gold Roger in the grand line just before he was hanged by the gallows. In his travels he makes many friends such as Nami, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky, and Brook. Each member has their own dream that is furthered by joining the Straw Hats. But there was a flaw in Luffy plan to find one piece, he doesn’t know where it is and there are many other pirate villains looking as well that gets in his way for the race to find one piece. Even the corrupt navy tries to stop him and a price is on his head which makes things even worse.