Here are some cool links that you might find interesting.

If your a big fan of the GTA series and like me you already own a copy of the fantastic GTA4 you can check out one of it's websites to find information such as cheats and news about the game.

This website should be interesting if your into new computer hardware, one in particular being a flexible keyboard attach to your trousers.

I'm a massive fan of family guy, the cartoon is absolutely frekin sweet! But it is also worth checking out the officially website.

One of the best american program you can watch on the BBC at the moment. Since i'm a big fan of the series i've just had to add this website where you can find all the latest information about hereos.

Lethal penguin has some of the best games that can be found on the web.  Worth checking out since i've had hours of fun playing games in this website.

I'm a great appreciator of other people's artwork.  I believe that an individuals artwork reflects one's personality and you can judge alot about someone by their art as well.  This website is for any art fans out there.

The apple coorporation has released alot of electical products that has greatly affected my life and others.  Such as the ipod and the mac computer this website is for those who own their products or who are interested in the lasted news and develop of their mechandise.

The MGS series has been one of the best games to influence our lives on the Playstation and PSP.  What makes the games better then others is the sheer scale of effort and consideration in perfecting their gameplay.  You can check all the lasted information about the MGS series on this official website.

This link directly goes to the MGS4 part of the website from the one above.  MGS4 is one of kojimas best creations in the metal gear solid series and since playing it, i've can't stop!

Harold and Kumar have been starring in their lastest movie where the escape from guantanamo bay.  This website has some of their humour put into it and everyone should check this out because I recommend it.  This newest movie will be garanteed funnier than the last.

For all your Final Fantasy fans out there and I know there are quite a few including me for that matter, this website will provide the lastest news and development on all of squares lastest games.

Adult Swim has great adult cartoons such as Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021, The Brak Show, Tom Goes to the Mayor, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Venture Bros, Moral Orel and Metalocalypse.  Why not check out their website. - 4k

Game freak are responsible for creating the pokemon series on the Nintedo DS.  I've been a fan of playing it on the game boy way back in 97 to this year of 2008.

The legendaryfrog is a legend on the web and I mean that when it comes to creating flash videos including comedy spoofs of games such as final fantasy and my favourite resident evil. This is truly a terrific website that satisfy's one hundred percent of the time.

The SuperFlashBros have made a big success with the decline of video gaming series.  My favourite declines were 1 and 3 where three friends go around making fun and criticising games with funny spoof videos about the silly things games do to piss them off! And whilst also escaping the evil clutches of the heads of the evil games cooporations such as Square, Konami and Capcom.  There are also other flash videos worth checking out by these flash genuises I must say.  A great website worth checking out!

A direct link to the movie, (Flash video), sections of the above website. of the SuperFlashBros.

Weebls to my knowledge are the fastest flash cartoon producing website on the web.  It has produce some of the most funniest flash videos such as my favourites

Newgrounds is one of the biggest providers of flash videos and games on the web. It holds a collection of other people's handiwork in flash from various websites including the SuperFlashBros decline for example. Worth checking out if your bored.

Since it has been the Euros recently this website has helped me to create my dreamteam for this euros. You get a budget of 50 million to spend on your team and you get to choose them from the selection provided. A great website if you like football.